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KVR Audio: news and information about audio plugins (virtual instruments and virtual effects)
review Plugins for recording music
- audio digitization
- recording on CD and MD discs
- creating audio CDs
- Convert CD to MP3
- microphone recordings
- built-in synthesizer
- equalizer
- support for multiple players
- Audition
Download Ableton Live 12
DJ AbleStudio 12 Lite
Why should you install it
one of the best graphic viewers and dj players for djs
all the advantages of the program for professional DJs, a DJ console built into the program, a tone generator, a very simple interface, each step is described in detail, a lot of settings, supports hundreds of formats (and all this in Russian)
Download AblePad Pro
-- about streaming
- about recording streaming audio
AbleSonic engine and interface with its support
customize the interface, control style
DMX (more than 20 presets) - manage different modes
built-in editor and application
sound forge
with its capabilities, e.g. vocal processing
speed tool
makes it very easy to handle CDs
to create amazing audio recordings
SHM remixer
author's program for remixes
How to record sound
- download and install the program
- burn image using adobe photoshop
Create an incredible look with Photoshop
To record video from the screen, open the video in mp4 format, go to the tab "Audio file"
Select the file to be recorded, in the "Audio file" field select "Screen Record" (on the right side of the window) f02ee7bd2b